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Photography, GoPro video, concept, and text by Skip Hunt for the adventure travel, art, and photography blog:

The video’s intent isn’t particularly to showcase my work. The video’s intent was to translate my own experience. I make so many images compulsively, without thought of sales, or how they’ll be received. I hope they’re well received and that I sell a few, but that’s not what drives me. Always moving and trying to keep the frame in front of me ever changing… constantly making visual asterisks in the form of images, words and video clips as I try to snag bits and pieces whilst a rush of content goes rushing by. The speed and amount of content in a short period of time was intentional. Also, had to keep it down to 60secs and ended up cutting some of the story out, but I’ve found that in these days of information overload, people tend not to pay attention to anything that requires them to slow down. 

When I’m in that place that I often seek, it feels like it’s moving that fast and I’m just trying to keep up… almost as if I switch from an analytic, thoughtful mode to one of pure intuition. In this mode, it’s a constant rush of information. At some point, I simply stop… breath… I don’t make in images… or engage in thought. The “I” disappears and there’s just ALL. That’s ultimately where’ I’m trying to get to.

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boy's in south africa photo

Don’t remember why or when I compiled these random video clips from various trips, but I just found it and it’s so amazing for me to virtually time travel & revisit all these places I’ve been to thus far. :)

Have recently published 2 new photo books on MagCloud and they are currently running a sale through Feb. 14th 2012. You can check out the previews and buy at the links below! 

Every book I’ve ordered from them as been beautifully printed and heavy stock. I’ve added perfect binding to these as well. 

Mexico Summer 2011 and DC + NYC 2011

Honored to have a second series of 7 photos featured on SevenDays-IN!

You can see the new series and a travel story from that trip HERE

Disfruta :)

Skip Hunt

New Audio Phone Blog from the Road!

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Fine art photographer Skip Hunt of Austin, Texas traveled Westward via motorcycle in search of the exotic within the mundane. He found so much more!

This issue contains the entire set of chronicles from Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California and Arizona.

What began as a curious wandering with no particular path or direction, became a powerful life-changing adventure.

Sometimes we must become lost before we can truly find our way.

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Peace Juggle (via skiphunt)

I met an Argentine juggler in the Huiricuta desert region of Mexico while I was communing with Mescalito and working on a large peace sign outlined in stone… started in 2009.

I asked if he wouldn’t mind juggling inside my peace sign and obliged. 

:-) For your pleasure…

I also experimented with seeing what I could do with an iPhone 4 and a handful of apps while I was traveling. I published some “Skip Hunt 20/20” short photomags from the road and a fine art photographer friend or mine who bought one tells me the print quality is impressive. If you’re curious… those issues and more can all be previewed online HERE

After verifying the quality was indeed even more impressive than I’d hoped… I uploaded my favorites to a gallery HERE

A friend asked me about the warped composite, tiled, layered, blurred, etc. effect I got on some of the scenes from this trip, so I wrote a brief Squidoo article explaining what I was after and why. For anyone interested, I included samples, etc. HERE

You don’t need a camera bag full of gadgets, lenses, and tripods to get interesting, creative results. With a little thinking outside the box, all you need is a smart phone and a cool app or two. Read on to find out how working with the minimum of what you’ve got can actually enhance the creative process. The method discussed is also intended to further emulate human “seeing” and take a viewer even deeper into a shared experience at home or while traveling.