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"The Fine Colombian" + Images recently made in Colombia

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Don’t remember why or when I compiled these random video clips from various trips, but I just found it and it’s so amazing for me to virtually time travel & revisit all these places I’ve been to thus far. :)

Have recently published 2 new photo books on MagCloud and they are currently running a sale through Feb. 14th 2012. You can check out the previews and buy at the links below! 

Every book I’ve ordered from them as been beautifully printed and heavy stock. I’ve added perfect binding to these as well. 

Mexico Summer 2011 and DC + NYC 2011

Honored to have a second series of 7 photos featured on SevenDays-IN!

You can see the new series and a travel story from that trip HERE

Disfruta :)

Skip Hunt

Got some fresh stuff coming, but this newsletter has a time sensitive holiday discount code to check out HERE

Really love the design & layout of my 7 #photo collection @sevendaysincom

Check it out HERE

Skip Hunt
Austin, Texas 

Been migrating slowly toward my new hub "Kaleidoscope of Color" and starting fresh travel blogs for each new journey. Thinking I will utilize a mailing list on my next trip for specific updates and posts from the road, etc. 

I’ve signed up with a new mailing list service that seems to be the cat’s meow @mailchimp and have set it up on my site. It’s super-easy to unsubscribe from any email and I’ve also added an easy subscribe and unsubscribe to my site. 

If you are interested in getting an the occasional postcard from the road or updates on exhibitions, etc. Please subscribe to my list. It’s FREE :-) 

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Off 2 score sum #CincoDeMayo beverages! Hasta luego!

"El Mariachi" ~ Veracruz, Mexico (c) 2011

Off 2 score sum #CincoDeMayo beverages! Hasta luego!

"El Mariachi" ~ Veracruz, Mexico (c) 2011

Skip Hunt Go West ebook PROMO!

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Fine art photographer Skip Hunt of Austin, Texas traveled Westward via motorcycle in search of the exotic within the mundane. He found so much more!

This issue contains the entire set of chronicles from Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California and Arizona.

What began as a curious wandering with no particular path or direction, became a powerful life-changing adventure.

Sometimes we must become lost before we can truly find our way.

Read some of the reviews of the printed Amazon version!