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"Zocalo" ~ #Merida #Mexico © 2014 Skip Hunt

Photography, GoPro video, concept, and text by Skip Hunt for the adventure travel, art, and photography blog:

The video’s intent isn’t particularly to showcase my work. The video’s intent was to translate my own experience. I make so many images compulsively, without thought of sales, or how they’ll be received. I hope they’re well received and that I sell a few, but that’s not what drives me. Always moving and trying to keep the frame in front of me ever changing… constantly making visual asterisks in the form of images, words and video clips as I try to snag bits and pieces whilst a rush of content goes rushing by. The speed and amount of content in a short period of time was intentional. Also, had to keep it down to 60secs and ended up cutting some of the story out, but I’ve found that in these days of information overload, people tend not to pay attention to anything that requires them to slow down. 

When I’m in that place that I often seek, it feels like it’s moving that fast and I’m just trying to keep up… almost as if I switch from an analytic, thoughtful mode to one of pure intuition. In this mode, it’s a constant rush of information. At some point, I simply stop… breath… I don’t make in images… or engage in thought. The “I” disappears and there’s just ALL. That’s ultimately where’ I’m trying to get to.

© 2013 Skip Hunt + Austin, Texas + +

Chupacabra Pre-Movie Trailer Comp on Flickr.

Chupacabra Concept Trailer

I’m a Smithsonian Magazine Contest Finalist!

Looks like one of my LithoFusion compositions is a finalist in the Smithsonian 10th Annual photo contest! Woo-Hoo!

Haven’t won anything, but just making finalist is a great honor!

Dear Skip:

On behalf of, I am pleased to inform you that your photograph, “To serve and protect,” is one of the top ten finalists in the Altered Images category of our 10th annual photo contest..

Beginning March 1, 2013, your photograph, along with those of 49 other finalists in five categories, will appear on Smithsonian magazine’s Web site at By April 30, 2012, you will be notified whether you are a category or grand-prize winner.

Blue Bird on Flickr.

Blue Bird on Flickr.

membrane: #1 Departure sometime in the next 2 days. ​Disfruta. :)​

Membrane: Mexico Winter 2013

The first of a new collection of travel reali-fiction I’m calling "Membranes". Travel fiction from the road that mixes actual events with fiction. The line between each (the membrane) blurred. 

This is an experiment I’m playing with and first one may be renamed after the journey. My name is Skip Hunt, but my legal name is Walter Stockton Hunt. To continue the blurring of real and fiction (realifiction) the main character will be called Walter Stockton. 

Various street and abstract photos taken along the way, as well as possibly some audio and video will be used to illustrate the story. 

There’s no outline or plane. This will all be free flowing from the road and mostly unedited. Some will be truth, some will be exaggerated truth, and some will be born completely from the imagination. 

Follow along via this blog and lets see where this thing goes. Be warned, I have a twisted since of humor and favor the dark corners of the macabre in general. However, there will be no initial theme other than the main character is leaving on a journey. Everything else is up to fate. 

New entries for this story will be announced via my twitter feed + facebook + tumblr

I will also notify of updates every now and then via a special mailchimp email subscriber list. If you’d like to subscribe to the list to get an email note when I’ve made a few updates to Membranes, you can subscribe below. This list will ONLY be used for Membrane story updates and you can easily unsubscribe at any time.

Departure for this story will be sometime in the next 2-3 days.


Announcing the MOST comprehensive Skip Hunt collection to date!

This was really something I put together for myself out of images I’ve published at MagCloud as photo books. I wanted a collection that I could easily take around with me with 10 images from each of the photo books I’ve published to show galleries potential collections. 120 images in all!

Now that it’s complete, I decided to make it publicly available for a holiday special price which will go up considerably after the holidays. 

If you’re a fan of my work, this is the most comprehensive collection I’ve ever offered. My guess is that it would make someone a delightful holiday gift. ;)

You can preview the entire publication at the link below, and prints are available via HERE and HERE

Happy Holidays Everyone and be safe!

Skip Hunt
Austin, Texas

A Few of My Favorite Things

By Skip Hunt

120 pages, published 11/28/2012

I put together this collection from the images I’ve published in various MagCloud photo book publications. This is the most comprehensive collection I’ve put together to date.The collection was intended as a portfolio piece with 10 images from published photo books, 120 images in all. Images culled from several different trips and galleries with prints available here: collection is…

Skip Hunt Creative Finder Folio

boy's in south africa photo

Using your iPad and iPhone as Mini Soft Boxes

Macro Photography Lighting Tip!

Sometimes I like to switch it up and focus my photographic perspective at a macro level. This is something I do frequently to keep it fresh and force myself to “see” a given place more completely. 

One problem with doing macro photography is getting light in close. For low-light or studio type set-ups, it’s particularly difficult. There have been postings about using your iPad or laptop as a miniature soft box light source and I’ve meant to try it. Until today, I hadn’t got around to it until I read yet another article about using the iPad. 

After a quick search of iTunes, I found the popular app that folks appear to be using, but noticed this other app that ALSO works on your iPhone and allows you to connect and control one device from the other. Perfect! A portable, easy to use 2-light macro setup. 

I’ve got the app on my iPhone and iPad. So far it seems to work very well. Will take it for a spin and update this post later with sample images.

There are several apps that do this sort of thing in the iTunes app store, but I chose this Photo Light HD (Softbox) because it’s a universal app that works with iPad and iPhone. It also was updated this year and the developer was quick to reply to my questions. 

Skip Hunt | Austin, Texas + +

Skip Hunt | Go West Moto-Photo Adventure on Amazon

The Exotic within the Mundane

Fine art photographer Skip Hunt of Austin, Texas traveled Westward via motorcycle in search of the exotic within the mundane. He found so much more! This issue contains the entire set of chronicles from Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California and Arizona. What began as a curious wandering with no particular path or direction, became a powerful life-changing adventure. Sometimes we must become lost before we can truly find our way.

Now Available for Kindle!



Been down to Mexico again, but this time I was working on a new screenplay based on a true story that happened to me about 14 years ago. 

Got attacked and punched in the face on the first night, and there was some shooting at the border and some killings just prior to my arriving in the San Luis Potosi area… but overall it was an extremely productive trip.

I hitched a ride in the desert and while sitting with my ass flat in a pickup truck bed, the driver hit a speed bump at high speed which bruised my tailbone… so I still can’t sit for long and need to complete the last 15-20 pages… but I’m almost finished and got great contacts, location images, and location video clips.

I also chronicled the process, personal notes and observations of the trip here: